Yes, fine, the File Transfer is Complete. In Dreamweaver, the file
transfer progress pop-up window just disappears when it's job is done,
just like virtually all standalone FTP clients. In Thunderbird's
FireFTP add-on, there's a simple and non-intrusive progress indicator in
the status bar at the bottom of the screen. But in NOF, we click "OK"
to acknowledge the fine work that has been done. I'll bet I click that
"OK" button 5 or 600 times each month. It's nice that NOF let's you
keep working during the transfer, but inevitably, I'll be typing some
text and suddenly NOF won't accept any more input without receiving that
little pat on the back. Yes, gosh darn it... you've done MORE than just
an "OK" job... but let's talk about that later, over a beer, ok? Does
anyone else agree that it would be nice to keep working without that
repeated interruption? Something to consider for NOF 11?