i have been struggling with a formatting issue for days now: >>>>the font
size formatting does not show up in IE/Vista, <<<< while it does in
Firefox/Vista and it also shows up in IE/XP....

while i have reset the preferred bowser to Firefox for my vista/NOF10
laptop, this has no effect on the "page view" of NOF10 on the vista laptop.
it must be defaulting to IE(?) in page preview. >>>>anyone know how to
change that?
i am in touch w tech support about this issue, but hope that some of you
have experience with this.

if you have the opportunity, check out this site
http://www.calkinsart.net/thumbsbeyond2007/ for visuals of what i mean --
the name is supposed to be in larger size font, but in Vista/IE it is all
the same size. i checked the html, and it does reflect different sizes.