Nothing conclusive so far after looking at your template (other than the
overlapping objects on the home page). I went through your list of problems
and tried to duplicate and/or discover a reason that you would be having a
problem....nothing conclusive. I used NOF 10 with update #4 applied for
these tests.

1) As noted, overlapping objects would cause this. Didn't see anything else
out of whack and everything previewed fine.

2) Took a couple of your tables and added/removed borders from Table
Properties, CSS Properties, and Object Format panel and everything worked as

3) Never saw this on any site or any version of NOF. Didn't see any sign of
this while working on your site either. However, as mentioned in answer #1,
you must be careful that objects don't would definitely cause
your layout to go whacky.

4) WYSIWYG tables have always been a challenge for NOF, however things are
getting better (NOF 11 is the best yet). I'm not sure what "stay put" means
to you, but if you have an example of that behavior we might be able to
track it down. If it's a NOF problem we will report it. As mentioned in #2,
I didn't see any border problems.

5) Where are you trying to make these text changes? That IS a confusing area
for NOF users (and has been pointed out to WSP multiple times). There are
just too many places that text attributes can be set. Sounds like you might
have been changing them in the Site Style when you say that the text changed
on other pages. You also mentioned that sometimes text attribute changes
where ignored....they probably weren't ignored, they were probably being
overridden in another area. SiteStyles, CSS, and Property Panels all get
into the act and some take priority or others in certain cases. Again, if
you have specifics we might be able to help.

6) This one could also be caused by overlapping objects, or layouts
unintentionally be put in masterborders. You have to be very careful when
dragging objects around that you don't place them outside the intended
layout area.

I don't know if any of this helped, but your template looks pretty solid
from what I've seen so far.


"Michael" <> wrote in message
news:g2or6o$ .
>I have been using NOF since v7.5 and am now using v10. I have built about
>10 sites. The first site I built for myself took a long time
>( I thought that was learning curve. Then I started
>building sites for clients. They were pretty simple 2-3 page sites, so I
>developed them fairly quickly. The last couple of sites I built (for
>clients), I became more ambitious in terms of size, graphics, and layout
>(current site is, about 150 hours to get this far). I
>am now so frustrated with how long it takes to build an NOF site, that I am
>thinking of jumping to Dreamweaver.
> First, although I am reasonably technical, let me state that I don't want
> to learn to code. Although I will never be a graphic artist, I seem to be
> able to create what I need in PhotoImpact. I have no trouble with Word,
> Excel, Powerpoint, and DTP software making it do whatever I want in the
> print world or the presentation world. I bought NOF because I want to
> design in WYSIWYG and have NOF generate code that displays correctly. I
> also want to be able to create the features found on all but the most
> complicated sites (photo galleries, e-commerce, photo enlargement from
> thumbnails, the odd flash effect, etc.). If a client wants something
> really slick in terms of design or graphics, I won't take the job.
> Here are some of the problems I frequently encounter:
> 1) I align everything in page view perfectly, but it doesn't preview or
> publish the same way.
> 2) I create a table and try it with a border. I later decide that I
> don't want the border and set the width to zero. It goes away in design
> view but continues to show in preview or publish and I can't make it go
> away.
> 3) I create a page and it is perfect. I go work on another page but when
> I come back to the original page, objects are now splattered all over the
> browser and in the design view.
> 4) When I work with tables I have tons of difficulty getting columns or
> rows to stay put. I also have trouble getting borders the way I want
> them. I seems 10 times more complicated than in Word or Excel.
> 5) When working with text, sometimes NOF just ignores the attributes I am
> trying to apply. Sometimes it accepts the attribute, but changes text on
> other pages that are finished.
> 6) The main page layout is constantly expanding to the right and I have
> to resize objects and bring the right margin back.
> All of these problems take coutless hours to resolve. Sometimes I just
> give up, delete the object (and sometimes the page) and start all over
> again. I find I spend about 10% of time designing the site and 90% of my
> time fixing broken objects. For me, NOF is not a productivity tool so
> far.
> NOF tech support is rarely usefull. Usually it takes a day or three
> before they get back to you. Then they ask for a template, screenshot or
> link. I usually send them a template with the original ticket and descibe
> the problem precisely. Then I get something back like "enable CSS" when
> it was already enabled. Then two days later I get "use a layout region"
> which didn't work, but they changed the ticket status to "resolved." So
> after five days I have spent 40 hours trying to fix the site and I still
> don't have an answer.
> So,
> 1) Is NOF just that buggy? Professional web designers seem to like it.
> 2) Is it that I don't know how to use it? If so, how do you recommend it
> learn what I need to know?
> 3) Do I need to learn HTML?
> 4) Is NOF the wrong product for me? Should I move to dreamweaver?
> Sorry for the long post. You folks on the newsgroup are great.
> Michael