I am still just recovering from Microsoft's launch of Visual Studio 2005 &
MS SQL Server 2005 that happened on Nov 8. I spent a whole day on
presentations, and got a full running version of both products to boot!
Still trying to go through the enhancements. So far looks tempting to use
as a main development platform.

And now Net Objects releases version 9! Is it coincidence or strategic
timing?? I am very interested on how NOF interacts with .NET (Visual
Studio). I am currently using .NET for the more complicated sites that need
extensive logic behind it, just for the database parts (FYI, I use it in

When am I ever going to finish the many sites I have in progress!! Be still
my heart, the pressure is sometimes too much!
But then what about the products for NOF 8 just released by FusionUser.com??
Oh man, I spent my money on getting top membership to get those wonderful
tools for creating styles (hope they still will work in NOFv9). And now
beyoundfusion.com might want to charge membership? Yikes what's a web
developer to do???

Folks, I am dreading next week... But then, I hope that the next few weeks
are the calm AFTER the storm, so we can let all this sink in and see all the
cheers/complaints of the products come in.

And now to hoist a few,
Cheers to all,