Yes........ now all that NOF needs to do is work so you can setup
master borders the same way you set up frames. Allowing "Header" and
"Footer" Master borders span the WHOLE "layout" while "left" or
"right" master borders exist between the "header" "footer" master

This is driving me crazy. I got around it to some extent by slicing
my "header" and "footer" image, but then the page was enormous as in
order for the image to appear centered by using three slices (one each
of equal length keeping in mind that the right master border has to be
180px) I had to have left 180, right 180, and center a tiny 570. Also
this leaves the left border with nothing in it.

All of this hassle could be eliminated if I could just setup master
borders properly. I can get it to work using frames, but yeah search
engines just love that.

Is there a solution, or is time to take a plunge into the Dream weaver
learning curve? I know I can buy templates that will work perfectly,
but I love the fact of changing something on one page in a Master
border and having the change reflect throughout the site. I suppose I
could do this in PHP with dream weaver, but I dread the PHP bit

Any components that might help? I don't mind the cost as this is the
way I will create most of my sites, since I use Adsense on my sites.

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:16:26 -0500, "LWD"
<**lucdix**@**jam**dot*rr**dot**com> wrote:

>Something else just occurred to me since you're new to Fusion, Anthony.
>A lot of new Fusion users confuse frames with Master Borders.
>You can have
>* frames without master borders
>* master borders without frames, and
>* master borders which are frames.