Backup 101:

Exporting your site to template is a good thing, It is NoF's version of
Backing up your site however you must do this manually as there is no prompt
for you to do this as you'd get from say, quickbooks or some other program
that has a database. NoF makes backups of the .NOD file which should keep
you from loosing to much data. I'd recommend frequent saves of your site as
you develop (ctl+s) and if you do get a crash you may only loose a few
minutes work. After any major revision you should export to template this
way if you do have a major crash and you cannot recover from the backup of
the .NOD file you still have your site and can be up and running again
within 1 min and what ever changes you need to make / add.


"Nancy O" <> wrote in message
news:ekfbfp$ ..
> If you Export site to Template, you get a zip file of the nod (database),
> styles and assets used in your site.
> When catastrophe strikes, a user can generally create a new site in NOF
> based on their template zip in about 60 seconds. Problem is most new
> users
> don't see the need for templates until it's too late. I think NOF should
> prompt users to Export Sites to Templates every time a nod file is closed
> (with an option to turn off the alert in site settings, of course).
> --Nancy
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> m...
>> In article <ekdf0k$>,
>> says...
>> > Hi Sandy,
>> >
>> > Like Chuck said it is a database.
>> >
>> > The database is made up of one file, it is not a collection of files

> that
>> > you would zip.
>> >
>> > This one file has pointers to file locations, etc. but does not include

> the
>> > files.
>> >
>> > .nod is the extension to the proprietary database format of NOF.
>> >
>> > Hope this helps in your understanding on how NOF handles files and the
>> > database structure.
>> >
>> > Gary
>> >

>> Nonsense.
>> .nod doesn't contain files?
>> Ok so write the file as plain text and zip it.
>> There is no excuse for not doing so.
>> Its the simple approach, its the most recoverable approach, it's the most
>> sensible approach.
>> .nod has repeatedly lost masses of data for many people. I've seen it
>> here frequently & god only knows a newsgroup is always the tip of any
>> iceberg.
>> Continued use of .nod files should be untenable to everyone.
>> sandy