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Thread: No frame background image + color - Part 2 -

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    Default No frame background image + color - Part 2 -


    Here is the continuing story of " no background image or color " in left
    + top frame.

    When the page is published local [ see my previous post 18-11-2006 ] the
    background image
    of the left and top frame is gone.
    Also when I choose a color for the background of the frame [ different from
    the backgroundcolor
    of the body ] the backgroundcolor of the frames become the same as the

    Here's the answer of NOF support after sending the sourcecode of the frames
    [ I must say they were quick ] :

    " This issue appeared in the Update #3.
    I have forwarded the necessary information to our Test Engineers, so they
    can determine whether this really is an issue within the Update or it can be
    worked around.
    Thank you for your understanding in this matter."

    " Although most of the Developers' efforts are focused on the Fusion 10 that
    is very soon to be released, this issue must also be fixed in Fusion 9 too.
    I am sorry that I cannot provide you with a time frame, when this fix will
    be available.
    Please continue to visit for product updates
    Thank you for your understanding in this matter."

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