On Sat, 30 Dec 2006 11:15:15 -0500, Steven Shelton wrote:

> I seem to be finding myself on the market for a good host provider that
> will allow me to do reselling. I've been with Page-Zone.com for years,
> but in the last six months they've gone to crap and my sites have been
> down more than they've been up and I am getting minimal support.

After we left Page-Zone.com a couple of months ago (when the big downhill
slide started) we moved to Dewahost ( www.dewahost.com ).

It is like night vs day.

They do have a reseller program (not listed on the front page of the
website - but on a products pages IIRC).

The main thing is that they have super fast servers, are distributed into
multiple data centers and have the best support I have ever seen.

Plus they will even migrate your old CPanel stuff for you from Page-Zone.

I'd recommend them without hesitation.


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