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I was able to correct the template after many attempts. Please check your
email for my reply. Let me know of any issues you run across.

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"Shyanne" <shyannesweet@nospam.com> wrote in message
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> Here is my post from earlier,
> I was updating a website last night and adding some new items. Everything
> was going fine until one of the last items I was adding a shopping cart
> for
> just hung up and would no longer let me add the cart. I haven't pasted
> any
> text from Word, learned that lesson early! I don't recall anything odd
> happening during the process of adding other shopping cart items,
> everything
> was going along just fine. However it will not let me put the cart on the
> page for the remaining items. It brings up the box asking for the
> information to add e-commerce catalog, when I create a new e-commerce
> catalog and click OK it just brings me back to the layout page and no
> catalog is there, no box is there, nothing. It does not take me to the
> part
> where I add the item description, prices, options etc. I even created a
> completely new page and tried adding an item and get the same results. I
> can open another site and add a cart just fine, it just will not complete
> the process on this particular site. I can also add a shopping cart item
> from one that is already created with no problem, it will just not let me
> make a new one.
> Nancy had suggested
> It could be a simple memory issue. Some things to try:
> Remove unused assets.
> Re-optimize site.
> Close NOF (maybe even restart your PC)
> Re-open site and see if things improve
> Which I did but nothing changed, however I do think she is right about a
> memory issue as the first time I tried her suggestion it came up with 'out
> of memory' and shut NOF9 down. I am able to add items to any other site
> built with NOF9, but not this one. There are only 35 cart items right
> now.
> Does anyone know how I fix this? I really need to get more items added as
> soon as possible.
> Thanks
> Shy