I was using 8 for a long time and recently went to 9, mostly because of the
improved code that it does... I don't remember the exact details of this
improvement, but folks here said 9 has the newest standard for the web...
okay with that said.. I'm not sure the timing here, but it wasn't too long
ago when I upload my entire site from 9. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my
listing in Google has pretty much disappeared in my keyword searches, and
even if I copy and paste a phrase from my home page it does not come up. I'm
still in Google, that I know and in Yahoo I'm still doing great... I've been
reading up alot on this.. some say just wait it out. Sometimes it just
happens with google. But of course I'm trying to do all I can to get my
listing back... Searches like Art Deco Desk, always brought me in on the top
of the first page and does in Yahoo... but very very deep in Google.. Is
there any chance version 9 could have something to do with this ??
Any other advise on this.. I know there's always small tweaks that my site
could use, but I don't think those tweaks are the solution... Of course I'm
always open to any suggestion.. The last suggestion was Header, which I have
not gotten to yet..

Thanks Joel