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From: "Lorraine" <>
Subject: problems reinstalling nof9 query go for upgrade to 11
Date: 02 August 2009 19:39

I have installed nof 9 again on my desktop (xp pro) (having to reinstall due
to hard drive failure!) and on my new laptop (Vista) but when I try to open
up my latest save of my website, I get the message - 'this file was created
by a later version of NOF and can't be opened. Please upgrade to the latest
version of NOF.'

I had no problems re-installing before (by installing the latest updates). I
don't mind paying for an upgrade to Version 11 but need to make sure I won't
have any problems loading a site made in NOF 9 into 11. I don't think I
would. But am I right before I go ahead??? Anyone know why I am having
problems installing updates anyway - keep getting 403 forbidden message.

Thanks very much for any help and advice in advance!