You are having general issues running NetObjects Fusion under Windows Vista/Windows 7. These issues may include troubles launching the software, using or placing components, publishing your sites, and/or random crashes.


Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 restrict permissions for script creation to Administrators only. You must assign Administrator Privileges to NetObjects Fusion for the components to work properly. Please follow these steps:


Make sure that NetObjects Fusion is closed, then browse to the installation directory in Windows Explorer (for example, C:\Program Files\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion).

  1. Locate the Fusion.exe file.

  2. Right click on the Fusion.exe file and choose Properties from the menu.

  3. Select the Compatibility tab.

  4. In the Privilege Level section check the option to Run this program as an administrator and click Apply then OK

  5. Launch NetObjects Fusion.

  6. A dialog saying An unidentified program wants to access your computer appears. Click the Allow button. NetObjects Fusion will now have the correct permissions to run under Windows Vista and Windows 7.