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Thread: compatibility with Microsoft Ofc Live

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    Default compatibility with Microsoft Ofc Live

    I'm using the free version of Fusion and working on a website

    using Microsoft ofc live.

    I want to use your software because MSOL doesn't

    provide the opportunity to set up the contact form I


    First Question: Will I be able to use the free version

    on an ongoing basis or will I be cut off at some point

    and have to start over???

    Second Question: MSOL will not be able to use scripts,


    Will I be able to use NOFE software and set up a good

    website with a contact form for customer info without

    needing the above.

    I don't need data base capability. I expect to take

    contact info from the site and use it elsewhere. I

    don't think I need scripts.

    Thank you for your help

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    Hello Roti!

    First of all congratulations: Netobjects was a good decision!

    You can use the essentials-version as long as you like and can later upgrade your project to higher versions. You can also use your forms-component in NOF-Essentials. Just try it out.

    However, I recommend that you use a newer version (at least NOF9) for your project.

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