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Thread: Admin capability for components.

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    Default Admin capability for components.

    One thing I'd really like to see is an admin capability for all of the components.

    The Web Calendar was one of the things attracted me to the NOF 11 update, but it's a drag to have to republish just to add an event to the calendar. This is an obvious item where the site owner should be able to update information without having to call me to enter the info and republish.

    Similarly for things like Photo Gallery, E-Commerce Catalog, etc., the site owner really needs to be in control of adding/removing items to these types of components.

    A one-stop, integrated Admin Panel for doing all of these sorts of things would be awesome. Think CPanel for your NOF site.

    Of course, this leads naturally to my other wish... Integrated CMS.


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    Does a CMS linked to NOF? lol

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