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    Default Integrated Content Management System

    Along my ongoing theme of putting the site owner in control of site content, an integrated content management system is my other wish for the future.

    This could all be rolled into my previous Admin Panel (tm) for updating component info - calendar, web catalog, etc. (Hey I just came up with a name for this -- feel free to use it. ).

    One of our helpful colleagues swears by SoftIdiom 4D Site Designer, which has a very cool Content Manager built in. I think a similar sort of cms in conjunction with an Admin Panel (tm) would be killer!


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    Ray (and NOF),

    Absolutely agree 100%. CMS is vital for us and for NOF. I tried the nPower route and that really didn't work, in fact it was a disaster. (Yes I know it was sold as a collaborative tool, but there were more than a few mentions on the old NOF site and in the newsgroups that it was a CMS too).

    If I was clever enough to write my own I would but I'm not, so I have opted to use tools like CushyCMS and the clients love it's simplicity. I have also dug into 4D Site Designer and have already praised it's power in these groups before but it's a long learning curve (for me) and it's software that will take a while for me to grasp - I'm still learning NOF after who knows how many years! Similarly I am looking at Joomla! for the same reason - a real pain in the neck to install and also an whole new learning curve, but there are shed loads of goodies in that too.

    But I love (also hate) NOF for it's speed, wysiwig etc and to be honest it's so easy for the lazier developers (me!!!) but my list of 'hates' and annoyances keeps growing. But if NOF were able to provide a built in CMS for us and our clients to use, that has the simplicity of CushyCMS (or any of the many similar offerings) that would be awesome. Ask any of the users here and I'd pretty much guarantee that (at least the lazy ones like me) they would all chomp at the bit to get a good CMS option.

    Ray - they wont call it an Admin Panel, it'll be something like nPanel or nofMAN, trust me...I'm semi-professional
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    Wouldn't it be great if there was only a single browser to worry about!!!

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