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    Default Feedback form

    I'm new to NOF10, and I've used the Feedback Form template in my site
    project. Can anyone advice me how to configure e-mail data (address, server,
    ....) of this form in a way that will guarantee the e-mails be sent to the
    appropriate e-mail account. I can't find any help neither in PDFs nor in
    online tutorial.
    Thx in advance

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    Hi Pawel,

    In order to have a fully functional form, you have to properly set up the form.

    1. Click on the Form Label to view the Form Properties Panel
    2. In the Action field click on the arrow drop down and choose [Form Handler (PHP)]
    3. Add your information in the fields.

    Note: If you do not want the form to write to a CSV file or a user-uploading file, you can leave the CSV File Path and File Upload Folder fields blank.(Make sure you delete the text populated in the field.)

    Subject: enquiry form
    Success URL: ../html/thankyou.html
    CSV File Path: ../db/mail.csv
    File Upload Folder:../db/upload/

    SMTP: This setting can be the default [127.0.01] or [localhost]. Check with your host provider on the best configuration.

    More information on setting up a form is available here: - under Tutorials - Adding a Form
    NetObjects Technical Support

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