I started to raise this on one of the other threads in this group but felt it better to start a new topic. I would like to see a simpler process for creating a new style. At the moment the process is as follows:
1. Open NoF. Choose new blank site. Name and save site.
2. Navigate to Styles. See Glasgow - Teal and vomit or whatever it's called.
3. Click Style>New SiteStyle. Name new sitestyle.
4. Click Set sitestyle. Choose new site style, click ok.
5. Click Remove unused sitestyles. Choose Glasgow - Teal and vomit. Click ok
6. Finally we're in a position to start adding assets to our Style.

What I'd like see is something like this.
1. Open NoF, choose New blank site. Name and save site.
2. Navigate to Styles. Do not see there a style chosen for me, especially one as naff as Glasgow Teal and vomit.
3. Start adding assets to blank site style which, by default, is named the same as the site.

Frankly, most of the supplied styles are extremely old fashioned and rather naff in this day of web 2.0 going on web 3.0. Make NoF faster and more efficient for professional web developers to use and give the amateurs and wannabes the option of installing canned styles from the NoF web site if they're not able to design and create a style of their own.