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Thread: How to Embed Spreadsheet in Web Page?

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    Default How to Embed Spreadsheet in Web Page?

    I recently saw some neat spreadshseets embedded into a web site and wonder how that is done.

    It was nifty because items could be sorted like in a regular spreadsheet.

    This is an example of the format I would like:

    I just read / skimmed the entire 1,200 page Fusion 11 User Guide and can't find any sort of reference. It seems like a data object could do it, but that seems a lot more complicated than embedding a spreadsheet.

    Any links to tutorials would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    They have used Wordpress and a jQuery plugin for that complete functionality. You could do a similar thing in NOF but not in the straight forward way you seem to want. There are several libraries/plugins for tables in jQuery.

    Having said that, embedding an Excel spreadsheet is very easy just by putting link into your site with an XLS format (relies on people owning Excel though)
    Save your Excel spreadsheet: FILE>SAVE AS A WEB PAGE. You can choose whether you want interactivity with this option as well. You could then place that as an iFrame or sift the code and do a CTRL+T of that code into your NOF page. This method requires the possible downloading of a Microsoft Web Component for the end user but does not require them to own Excel.

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    I use spreadsheet converter, it works just like excel calculation etc, here is an example for one of my clients

    Mike C

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