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Thanks, Mike.

I also came across this service for realtime currency conversion: http://www.yourcurrencyconverter.com

Perhaps I'm making this more difficult than it has to be (I always do that! ). It seemed like it might be "shopper friendly" to have them pay in their local currency rather than have conversion done by their Credit Card Company. If I can somehow get the converted value into the cart when they select their currency, that would be ideal.

Or does Paypal bill the shopper in their local currency when they actually check out? If that's the case, then displaying the estimated conversion may be enough.

Paypal will bill in the currency of the user. When I make a purchase in Euros I am billed in US dollars by paypal.



Paypal's conversion rate can be different from what you are displaying so "going the extra mile" may work against you when the user sees a discrepancy in what you are showing and what paypal is showing.

Best to always keep monetary transactions as simple as possible.