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Thread: Please implement full support for Windows Libraries

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    Default Please implement full support for Windows Libraries

    When opening a file, NOF only shows the top folder in the Windows 7 Libraries folder. I have sub folders (e.g. Websites / School Project or Websites / Finance Site) but when NOF doesn't show these, only the top folders (e.g. Websites) and then one has to navigate through these manually.

    It's a small somewhat unimportant issue but easily fixed. I think many people have deep levels of folders. My "School Project" folder might be in Websites/Current Projects/Education/School Project/Latest, but it's just two clicks to get to if I use Windows Libraries. It's a great feature in Windows 7, why not implement it as is?

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    One man's feature is another man's PITA. I HATE the Libraries crap that windblows 7 has forced on the user. And all the other features they think I might want which I categorically don't. I don't need a nursemaid to help me use my computer, thanks microsloth.

    I've got a much better suggestion for Netobjects - port the bloomin' application to a real Operating System as it once was (after all, it was created by Apple engineers in the first place). A *nix port would allow NoF to run stably and without all the bugs that accompany every new release and which are endemic on windoze.

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    A bit off topic, but as you say, one man's meat...

    I'm perfectly happy with windows. I have thousands of folders and sub-folders - for documents, for audiovisual content, for pictures, for projects, for software, etc. etc. It was a nightmare to navigate around before Windows introduced libraries. For me it's a God-send. I now have my own subset of folders that I'm working on currently, which is much more convenient than before. I use a Mac occasionally also, but it's just as difficult to find stuff - and the search feature often comes up with too many results also. The worst solution is iTunes, where everything has to be organized by tags (there are no other options). I'm sure it's useful for how some people work and organize their stuff, but for me it means having to add meta-data to every item (and I have several thousands of these too) and then end up with several chapters of a single volume spread over two or three groups or mixed in with other content.

    Always good to give people the choice to arrange things as they like - even combine all methods: folders, libraries and tags if they want! Not like Apple that says: "thou shalt not use a mouse" (on an Apple device, say) or "thou shalt not share the same file with other apps" (if I want to type something in Pages but read it on Kindle, say)! Just about everything Apple is "thou shalt not" and I'm sure that makes life simple for some, but it makes my work very cumbersome. I've even had to say to my customers: "thou shalt not use my products on an Apple device" because Apple won't let me use "standard" stuff like Ogg or Flash. And I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars to develop a $5 app (when I've already developed it for any browser) and then have to give away 25% to Apple for the privilege.

    Rant over.

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    As you say, a bit off topic. But I absolutely agree it's always best to give the user as much choice as possible, which, frankly, neither windows nor apple do. The big advantage that Apple has is that it has a stable OS built on Free BSD which was the original Berkely distribution of Unix and thus has dome 35 years of development in it. The thing is, Free BSD is just that - free and it's also stable and configurable and does intelligent things like putting the binaries in the /bin directory and so on. Yes, it does lack an easy-to-use-for-newbies drag and drop interface unless you buy Apple's OSX implementation but if NoF and a few other companies would develop their software for unix implementations then it would be trivial to port to various implementations and people could choose how they wanted to work. What annoys me is that MS assumes it knows how I want to work and what I need to be able to use a computer, and unfortunately it's almost always wrong. Apple commits the same crime. I use MS for my laptop (on a dual boot system with FreeBSD) for one reason only - it's cheaper than buying an apple plus I can have my computers custom build (which I always have).

    Incidentally, mission critical applications such as my and my clients web sites run on Sun Sparcs with Solaris. They've been running on them for about 13 years now and I've never had a web site unavailable for any reason other than a distributed DOS attack on my hosting company - about 10 years ago; they have so much redundancy now that a DDOS wouldn't have much chance of success any more.

    An interesting discussion, but I don't think it'll get us anywhere. You work your way; I work mine. And if we can help each other from time to time, so much the better.

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    I have TWO HUGE FREE PROGRAMS - that save me hundreds of clicks every single day
    I have 4 200gb HD in my system and manage dozens of companies and thousands of proposals and contracts
    I have over 30,000 active files in about 40 GB of text (not multimedia)
    (my day job is not web site design)
    #1 = been using for many many years
    file box extender from Hyperioniocs
    it adds drop down 'favs' to all windows explorer types
    I can click the icon. get a drop down to pick single (easlify editable button)
    and ta dah - i am in the CORRECT folder !
    as opposed to drilling down
    eg V:\Dragon MyDocs\My eBooks\Laurus\General\Projects\Vela\Feb 2013\spaininfo

    just got this YESTERDAY
    WOW = what I have been wanting for years !
    i HATED gmail with labels vs folders
    been using outlook since mid 90's ?
    (since v.1)
    but when finally got used to it
    the idea of allowing more than 1 label per email
    thought = why not per file ?
    (tags and keywords - just not user friendly enough to me)

    then read about thing called tabbles (same as labels)
    allows file to have multiple labels
    just getting up to speed - but wow ~!

    I manage contract negotiations between party A and party B
    and it is and LOI, then contract,
    so, do I put in folder called 2012 contracts?
    what happen when starts in 2012 not signed until 2013
    when do I take from LOI folder to contracts folder
    or is it in Party A work or Party B work
    or under the topic (commodity A folders??)
    but I can make a Tabble (label)
    and add all 4 Tabbles to a file
    LOI/Party / Party B / Commodity
    then when it is signed
    can add the contract label

    the GUI seems alot at first
    then is fun
    can process groups of files or even whole folders at a time

    it seems to have a price
    but after reading the fine print
    it can be had (legally) for free for home use
    ie, not on corporate servers

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    I agree; whether one likes it or not - the Windows 7 & 8 Software is here to stay.

    Why not let us use the Libraries like every other modern software on the market?

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