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Thread: Using NOF in Parallels

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    Default Using NOF in Parallels

    Has anyone successfully used NOF on a MAC in Parallels or know of anyone who does?

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    Default NetObjects Fusion / Parallels

    We run NetObjects Fusion in Parallels and Sun Virtual Box, frequently and without any problems.
    John Walker
    NetObjects Technical Support

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    Default Re: Using NOF in Parallels

    barbara0701 <> typed:
    > No, I never tried, maybe this thread can provide some
    > information:

    Never tried what?
    Please, when you snip posts, leave in the particular portion of the post
    that you are responding to. Only irrelevance to what you are posting should
    be snipped. It might be useful information, but having to reconstruct the
    thread is something most people will not do and thus your solution to the
    worlds's problems might be missed by any but those intimately involved with
    the conversation.



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