I recently had a hard disk failure and lost all my web site files for our local Ham Radio Club site. Although I had a backup image of the drive, the image was a few weeks old and did not contain the current web site version that was completely revised prior to the drive failure. I am able to FTP into the server and download all the files for the website from the server to my PC. The site folder is on my desktop, and I can open it with Internet explorer and all the pages and links are present and look correct. It looks exactly like it appears on the web. My problem is that I can not import the files back into Fusion 8 and keep the page style or whaterver it is correct. What I get is a jumbled mass of text and no images, even though they show up when I open the site locally with IE. It would take me as long to correct each page as it would to rebuild the entire site again. I hope it is something as simple as putting files in a renamed folder or changing the file extention, but I am not a programmer so that is beyond my expertise. Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.


John Crawford
web site: www.ccarc.hamradioman.com