Nice of you to point out to so many alternatives to NetObjects Fusion... Why do I get the impression, that this is exactly what your post is all about? Let me make a suggestion:

Test all of them and then come back and join this community. NetObjects Fusion is good. There are so many aspects of this software that are absolutely outstanding. Now just sit back and be patient, let the guys work. I'm confident they will not disappoint us.

I work with versions 9 through 11. Everything is perfect, there are no crashes, no loss of data, the programms are reliable, even though I'm using Vista.The few bugs don't bother me much, because I find ways to work around them. Now tell me which software doesn't have bugs. Or tell me about software that is so full of rubbish that it has to get updated all the times.

Having said that, I wish I could work comfortably without having to use tables. So I'm also impatiently waiting for v12 to beat everything which may be available or come up on the market...