Hello I am brand new here to this form and have not read to much yet, so I do not know what all has been suggested. I have been using fusion for quite some time now, with a love-hate relationship with it.
Somethings I absolutely love, and somethings seem like it is impossible to do. And most of all I am getting very disgusted with tech support, but that is another story all together.

Since I am having this problem lately on what I want to do I figured I would make this easy suggestion.
I have made this custom navigational bar and I want to link up a button to an external web page on another site. But it is not letting me do it. I can go and move my page from left to right and then click on external link and drop in the page I want to go to. hit save then move that from left to right under my one button but when I go to view it, it drops down my list that the button is under and when I click on that button it flyouts the external link button, so then I have to click on that as well. I do not want that at all. I want the main button to be the link for the page not create another button underneath it.

I write all of that because maybe others can relate to my problem, here is my suggestion to fix that.
In site view click on the page you want to have an external link go to and some where on site view you would have a link button, click on that and it will bring up a box to add your external link, click OK and you are done. Simple as that. With things I am trying to work on lately there are many times I do not need all the pages to go to internal links I need certain pages to go to external links, using that button/page only not creating a second button underneath. This is driving me crazy and my suggestion should be an easy fix on that.

If there is a way to do what I want done, somebody please let me know. I know it says to create a new site style navigation just like you do the original in site view but I am assuming they are referring to doing that somewhere in the custom edit box that comes up when you click on that button. If it is done some where else and I am missing the boat on that one please let me know that as well. Thanks