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Thread: Changing Header's Background Color To Transparent?

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    Default Changing Header's Background Color To Transparent?

    Hello. I was wondering how to change the header background color to none or transparent. I do not see it anywhere in the CSS - Common Properties Panel when I click on any of the Headers in the Style menu. I've changed my site background to a Gradient image so I can't have just 1 set color for my Header background as my pages background color will be different the further down the page I go. IE: <h2>, <h3>, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    do you have a url of what you want to accomplish or do you have a graphic rendering of what you want to end up with?
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    My site is and as you can see, the <h1>, <h2>, etc tags all have a background color that I can't get rid of. I've tried adding a transparent image but it just ends up with a white background. What I want to end up with is for my headers to have no BG color so it will blend in with my site's current BG.

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    Your site.css has background-color rules on H1 and H2 selectors. If you remove those, your headings will be transparent again.

    background-color : rgb(192,192,192);
    background-color : rgb(192,192,192)
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