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    I am a Yahoo SiteBuilder user
    I have recently bought NetObjects Fusion11 to expand what I am able to do.
    But I am feeling like a small fish in a big ocean now with this new software
    There's new lingo, new buttons, and every tutorial I find has a different way of explaining things
    and many of them are not understandable enough.
    I have gone through the "getting started" guide and built the Mountain Jaques Site from scratch.
    I did so well with that one and expected to learn more when I moved into the "user guide",
    but was left on a life raft.
    All the tutorials weren't there as were in the "getting started" manual that was so clear and understandable.
    Just a glossary of unjointed things.

    I wanted to start this link to begin my journey into NetObjects a different way.
    I'd like for anyone who responds to explain things in plain understandable english and simple understandable steps.
    And I will show you that you are not wasting your time with me.

    First thing I need to know how to do which I can't believe I am having problems with is :
    Place Background image in the master border..........non repeat image.........centered....& non scroll
    I work with a lot of layers.
    Having that background image in the master border
    would really free up some much needed space for me to work more efficiently.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Twilighttone,

    basically all you need to do is do your basic design settings on style view. Set background image for the whole website, standard font, titles, navigation buttons and so on.

    In page view you draw tables with the right amount of cells. You can format the cells giving them backgrounds and define exactly how the backgrounds have to function (repeat, centered, or whatever). Try creating CSS-formats (You'll find those on the upper menu) and allocate to the cells the CSS-Formats instead of formating every cell individually.

    I have no idea whether this can help you, but I've got just the ideal Tutorials for you - they are in German though. Have a look at the translation:

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