I recently upgraded to a new computer with Windows 7 (from XP). When I transferred my site on NOF 8, it didn't totally work. The style settings didn't transfer. OK, no big deal, because I needed to revamp a bit anyway, so I did some copy/pasting into a new site, move on.

But then, when I get to publishing, I run into this message, times 24....

the file C:\Program Files (x86)\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 8\User Sites\Preview\Autogen\Staff_HRp1.gif could not be opened. Please check that the file exists as named.

...the final \xxx.gif 's are different, but you get the idea. How do I remedy this? Some pages of my site are with the new changes I've made, but some of the pages are still the old format from the last time I published successfully on my old computer.