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Thread: Master Border on Right Side

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    Think I got it figured out. I changed the Site Generation to a Fixed Page Layout, and it seems to be working now.

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    You are cross-posting, just try and keep it together if other issues are related, but a copy of my other post is here to keep it going properly...

    You shouldn't have to use Fixed Layout, that will cause other issues. I saw the other problem you were having. Any chance the template could be uploaded for us to have a look at, or Private Message it to me. To create a template, open your file in NetObjects and then click FILE>EXPORT AS TEMPLATE>ENTIRE SITE then name the file and email that ZIP file. Don't tick the "Include Remote Publish Profiles" if you post it here, but if you don't tick it, you will just have to retype in your web host information for publishing.

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