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Thread: Installing NOF 11 Upgrade Problem and Solution

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    Default Installing NOF 11 Upgrade Problem and Solution

    As an old NOF user I recently purchased a V11 upgrade. I was taken to the download page where the upgrade download was listed twice. The download names varied slightly but both implied an upgrade exe file. ( NOF_11_Upgrade_EN.exe and NOF11_EN_Upgrade.exe ).

    When downloaded they both are described as version (this is also known as build number) although they are different files, eg they are of different size. ( NOF_11_Upgrade_EN.exe is 130MB and NOF11_EN_Upgrade.exe is 134MB)

    The larger file (NOF11_EN_Upgrade.exe) will install but will not work properly. Under Win 7 64 bit it will not allow yoou to create a site with a not enough disk space message (I had over 100GB free). It will also fail to open sites created with previous versions correctly. The latter includes not being able to use the templates.

    The smaller file (NOF_11_Upgrade_EN.exe) will install and work properly. The problems all disappear.

    I have provided this information to NOF so it may be corrected soon and the wrong exe removed. Until then just make sure you install the correct exe file.


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    Well, that's interesting.

    This issue has been around since at least last July when I bought my update. I have both files as well, and the advice from N-O Support at the time was to install the larger of the two files. The smaller of the two, I was told, could be used, and would simply require an update using the online update tool.

    (My initial inquiry through AskNet was to be told use the smaller file, then a day later, another response to use the larger.)

    I'm curious, if you now use the "Check for Updates" function, does it inform you that an update is available? Or did it inform you of an update when you first launched Fusion?


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    Default I just checked

    I just checked for the update. I must admit I had wasted so much tim it didn't occur to me to do that and I also assumed (wrongly) that the download would be up to date!

    It did not say I had an update when I installed and yes it has just indicated to me there is an update when I checked.
    The update which I am downloading is NOF11_update1.exe.
    Do you know what does it fix?

    I'm planning to install in the next couple of days.


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