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Thread: Layout different in Browsers

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    Default Layout different in Browsers

    I've published a page with the Dynamic Page Layout setting. It looks one way in Firefox and very similar in IE8 but it looks wrong in Safari whether in a Mac machine or Windows.
    This is the page:

    Any ideas?

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    Hello and welcome, gcasanova.

    You have one big table with two rows and included pics directly in your text. One way to achieve a stable layout would be to create additional tables (one for each row) and separate text and pictures using different cells.

    It could be easier to read if your text were above or under the pictures. Possibly there wouldn't be a proble in safari if you would do so. Just try a few types of layout in a test publish.

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    I agree with Barbara. I would try setting up your page layout with a table with either 4 columns (text | image | text | image) or maybe stay with 2 columns but place the text in a row underneath the images.
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