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Thread: Site Files destroyed

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    Default Site Files destroyed

    The files for my site (and) backup were destroyed by fire. How can I import the site files from the internet and add content/make changes?

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    FTP the site files from the web server back to your computer.

    Make a new site in Fusion, copy your images into the site's assets folder from where you saved them on your hard drive, recreate the shell of your pages and then start re-adding your content.

    You can also try to use the Create a Site from Existing Site function in Fusion, using the site structure you FTPd to your hard drive.

    That will get your pages back, but the pages will consist of complaex tables and things like Navbars will not exist execpt as code.

    Either way, you have work to do.
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    TIP: For the future:-

    Complete your site and then export the entire site as a template. Then upload the zip file to the server. Repeat every time you update the site. That way you have the NOD.BAK files, the template .ZIP on your PC and the .ZIP on the server. The .ZIP (the template) is the most useful (vital) file you can use as a backup file.
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    Default site files destroyed

    Will do . . .Thanks for your input.

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