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Thread: Issues, need help

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    Ok, I just tried something & now I'm really confused. I just treied to import my site from the internet & I was not running NOF as administrator. It didn't work like I thought it would, I got my home page & it was blank.

    But what happened was NOF saved it & it shows up when I run NOF as administrator as well. So why is my original site not listed/saved & why does it not show up when NOF is run as administrator?

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    Have you exported to template and imported? See these tutorials for details:
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    I have Nobjects11 and my masterborder has disapeared! I show "top" instead of masterborder. When I view the masterborder's blank except for the headers. This is only in the one site I really need to update. Where did my masterborder go? I don't get the box for the masterborder to update or make a new one either.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    I have Windows Vista on a 64 bit system...lots of memory & not sure what happened...and it's only on one site.

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